To see the love letter you received appear
“magically” on a Lacta:
Open the link you received on your mobile.
Turn on your phone's camera and hold it vertically. Place a Lacta pack inside the red frame you will see on the camera.
The love letter they wrote to you will “magically” pop out of Lacta, with AR technology.
Turn on the sound. You might hear something very "sweet"!
To say "I love you" with a Lacta and a little help from artificial intelligence (AI):
Tell us who you want to say "I love you" to and why.
Optionally share your gender and age (for better results).
The letter suggested by AI Love You will appear on your screen, so you can sign it with your name and make any changes you want or request alternatives.
Record yourself reading the letter, so that your loved one can hear it from you.
Send the letter you made by SMS or link, via chat or email. If you want, you can also share it on social media.
When the recipient opens the link from a mobile phone, he/she will be able to see the letter “magically” appear on a Lacta (with AR technology).
I'm sorry to keep you waiting but I'm very busy at the moment. Would you like to try again in a few minutes? I promise to write you a letter that will compensate you.

Thank you for understanding.

With love,

ΑΙ Love You